One of the first machines introduced into the modern home since FDR’s rural electrification act was a washing machine. This modern convenience is something most people can’t even fathom living without. 75 years ago, each shirt or pair of pants would need to be separately scrubbed clean and washing would take an entire day of work. Today, clean clothes means the push of a button and about 45 minutes of  your time. So imagine the inconvenience when you find out your washer is not spinning? Or the water from your washer isn’t draining?

Those are just a few of the most common problems your washer can have.  More problems could include:

  1.     The washer is leaking

  2.     The washer doesn’t agitate

  3.     The washer motor doesn’t run

  4.     The washer doesn’t rinse

If all of a sudden you are faced with one of the above items, your clothing is dirty, your day is ruined, what are your options?

Of course, you can buy a new washer.  This makes sense if your washer is either old or in particularly bad condition.  However, if your washer is less than 15 years old, and has been working properly before, this option is not only expensive, but unnecessary. The best bet is to repair it. If the problem is not too great and you are handy, you can repair washer yourself.  Unfortunately this can be time consuming and even expensive. If you translate your time into money add in the cost of the part, this option may not be the best.

We recommend you always get a service call to see the extent of the problem with your appliance and, if it is not something you can easily or safely handle yourself, get it professionally repaired. Since your time is money, and you want the best repair possible with the least hassle, give one of the most trusted washer repair services in Orange county a call!

We strive to offer the best quality on all of our washer repair services in Orange County!  Our techs are factory trained and have over 20 years of on the job experience.  As soon as you give us a call, we will schedule a service call for you the same day. In the service call we will outline the problem for you in detail and give you an estimated repair cost before we do any job. Plus, if you decide to do the repair, the service call fee is waived. We carry all parts for major brands and models of washers on our trucks.  That means that when we come to repair your washer anywhere in Orange County, the washer will be repaired right there and then.
So avoid the hassle and stress of a broken washer.  Simply pick up the phone and call one of the premier washer repair services in Orange County – Global Appliance Service at 949-653-9770.