Replacing your Dryer Timer

Your dryer timer calculates the length of each drying cycle and moves the dryer to the next setting. However, if the timer is broken, many problems can arise. For example, the dryer may not advance to the next setting may continue to tumble your clothing indefinitely until you manually stop the machine. The results can be a disaster, leaving your clothes ruined, over-dried and shrunken.
So, what are some possible reasons why your dryer timer is not working?
A lot of times the dryer timer breaks as a result of a burnt out electric motor. When this happens, the best course of action is to replace the entire timer. Replacing the motor is a tricky repair that should be left to the professionals. To buy a correct timer for your dryer you need to have a dryer make/model and serial number. Do an internet search to find the exact dryer timer you may need.
When the replacement timer arrives you need to remove the faulty timer.  Before doing this remember to turn the machine off. Then locate the timer and note the screws that are holding it down. Take off the knob as some screws may be located under the knob and find all screws that are attached to the timer. Unscrew them and remove the wires and cords attached to the old timer. Make sure to check the wire and protective lining verify that they are working correctly. Sometimes the new timer may look different since new models of the timer may be introduced on the market. Insert the new timer and attach the wires. Make sure that you have completed all steps in the instructions.
Of course, as with any repair, if it is too difficultor if you have any questions or need help with installation, call Global Appliance Service at 949-653-9770.

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