You’re late for an appointment and you were counting on wearing that freshly washed and dried shirt you just got when all of a sudden you discover your dryer is not working! Now you have a washer full of damp clothes and nothing left to wear in your closet. You panic.  What do I do?  How do I dry my clothes? How do I repair my broken dryer?

You can get your damp clothes and run to the laundromat. Alternatively, you can put a line in your yard and let the sun and air do the job.  Or you can go to Sears and buy a new dryer and then wait for 3 weeks for delivery and installation services.   All of these options are not very practical, nor are they fast. Not to mention, purchasing a new dryer can be very costly.

Of course, if you are handy and enjoy repairing things around the house, you can try to repair your broken dryer yourself.  In this case, you will probably be faced with one of the 5 most common dryer problems:

1.)  The dryer doesn’t spin

2.) There is no heat in the dryer

3.) The dryer drum does not tumble

4.) The dryer doesn’t turn on

5.) The dryer makes loud and obnoxious noises

Alternatively, if you are not that handy, or would rather spend your weekend with your family or your friends, rather than trying to figure out what’s wrong with your dryer, you can call one of the most trusted professional dryer repair service in Orange County.  Global Appliance to the rescue!!

Our technicians have been repairing dryers for more than 20 years, and trust us, they can identify and fix your dryer fast!   Technicians carry the most common parts for your dryer repair on their trucks so we can usually fix your dryer same day, right there and then.  We use only genuine manufacturing parts equipped with the standard manufacturer’s warranty to repair your broken dryer.

Making an appointment with one of the best dryer repair services in Orange County is easy–simply pick up the phone and call us at 949-653-9770. We have an operator ready to take your call 24/7. You can also contact us or make an appointment by filling out the form in Contact Us tab.  We can schedule service with you the same day. So what are you waiting for?  Those damp clothes won’t dry themselves and your time is too precious to wait!  Contact Global Appliance Service – most trusted professional dryer repair service in Orange County –  today!