When running a business that depends on functional and working commercial appliances, be it a restaurant or a school, it is not enough to simply have a repairman available for when your appliance breaks down. In fact, most appliance repair problems come from inadequate maintenance and cleaning of your appliances. Therefore, a smart, inexpensive maintenance plan which keeps your appliance running at tip top shape year round and extends the life of your appliances is imperative for any commercial business and will save you money in the long run.

Appliance maintenance includes quarterly cleaning of all commercial appliances, replacement of old filters, wires, and connections, freon recovery services for refrigeration appliances, and more. To schedule a maintenance plan, call Global Appliance Service at 949-653-9770. We will come out to your business, survey your appliances, and give you an estimate for a quarterly or yearly maintenance plan that won’t break the bank. We can work within your budget to give you the best, most efficient service for the lowest price.

In today’s difficult economic times, we know that anything that can save you and your business money is a blessing. So don’t hesitate and call Global Appliance Service today at 949-653-9770.