Air Conditioners


There is no denying that we live in a vastly changing world. Over the last decade, it has become increasingly clear that global warming is not just a scary potential, but a thing of reality.  The surging temperatures during the summer months and the colder temperatures during the winter months are the living proof of that reality.  And nowhere is that reality more evident than southern California.  Thankfully, while we as nations try to mitigate our effect on the environment on larger scales, modern technology can at least mitigate the effects of the environment on smaller scales. Perhaps one of mankind’s most useful inventions is the modern air conditioner (at least it seems that way to those of us living in the OC in July and August).

 Air conditioning has allowed us to endure the heat over the last few years–at least when our air conditioners are in prime condition and are operating without any interruptions.  But what do you do when the temperature rises to over 100 degrees, and your air conditioner decides it no longer wants to do its job?

We hope you never find yourself in that situation!  However, life can throw unexpected things at us. Air conditioner repair is one of the most difficult of appliance repairs.  So the do it yourself option may not be the best. With this type of appliance, it is best to get professional help to service it. The first thing to know about air conditioners is that they need to be serviced to be in prime working condition. You can prepare for the hot summer months by servicing your air conditioner before summertime comes.  Our factory trained technicians have more than 20 years of experiences in HVAC repair in Orange County and can service and repair any brand of air conditioner.

To schedule a service or repair of your air conditioner, just give us a phone call. Because we know this situation can be desperate, we can usually come to your place the same day and rescue you!  We have some of the best prices for air conditioner repair in Orange County!  We also provide a 90 day warranty on labor on all of our air conditioner’s repair services and standard manufacturers warranty on all the parts that we replace.

Call us if you see any of the following common problems with your air conditioning unit:

1.       Your air conditioner is not turning on

2.       Your air conditioner has leaky ducts and low airflow

3.       Your air conditioner  is low on refrigerant or leaks refrigerant

4.       Your air conditioner has an electric control failure

5.       Your air conditioner has a frozen coil inside

If you have any other problems with your air conditioner or simply want to schedule a yearly service of your air conditioner, call Global Appliance Service – one of the best appliance repair services in Orange County – at 949-653-9770.